DayZ StandAlone Hacks – Aimbot, Radar, ESP, and more!

DayZ is one of the most popular survival horror video games that are profoundly popular all over the world these days due to its different great aspects. This DayZ video game has been created by bohemia interactive and in December 16, 2013 they have released the much awaited version of standalone for the windows platform users. Although this release is considered to be a little harder than the earlier, you can find some intelligent DayZ Standalone hacks to assist you out while paying this version of DayZ.

Just like all of the popular games, this horror game also has a great deal of cheats to obtain various advantages while playing the game. A couple of the DayZ Standalone hacks will enable you to acquire additional weapons or to have extended living when you are playing this horror game. There are countless websites which sell many such cheats and hacking tools for the game lovers so if you really love DayZ, you can quickly look for aid through such hacks and score huge!

Features Of My DayZ StandAlone Hacks :

  • Aimbot :
    • No Spread
    • Teleport Items
    • Instant Hit
    • Teleport
    • No Recoil
    • Friendly Fire (On, Off)
    • Visibility Checks
    • Aim Styles (On, When attacking, Full automatic)
    • Aim Angle (On, Off) (+ Adjustable auto aim rotation angle)
    • Targeting Styles (Close Targets, Close to crosshair, High Threat, Low Health, etc.)
    • Slow Aim (On, Off) (+ Adjustable slow aim speed)
    • Auto Fire (On, Off)
  • Radar :
    • 3D Radar (Off, On) (+ Configurable for Players, Zombies, Items, Vehicles, Foods and High end Weapon, etc.)
    • Configurable 3D Radar Ranges
    • 2DRadar (Off, On) (+ Configurable radar scale)
    • Info Styles (ESP, Distance, Player names, Weapon names, Health, Armors)
    • Healthbars (Off, On)
    • Cross (On, Off, Auto Cross, Dot, Boxed, Bounding Boxed)
  • Corrections :
    • Bullet drop Correction (Off, On)
    • Fps Correction (Off, On)
    • Bullet speed Correction (Off, On)
    • Ping Correction (Off, On)
  • Protection :
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)
  • Key Binder :
    • Hot Key Support
    • Key Binds (On Press, On Release)
  • Profile System :
    • Profiles can be saved/loaded
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) :
    • Configuration Windows with easy tab menus
  • Help :
    • Help files (FAQs, Simple Explanations, Read me, Examples)
  • BattleEye Secure
  • VAC Secure

GUI Screenshots

dayz standalone hacksdayz standalone

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Updated To Support V.61! We are fully undetectable!